New England Groomer Show Oct 22… our seminar…

We are giving a seminar as well as having the Luv My Dog Supplements booth. Please visit and come to hear our talk:

Let’s Talk Teeth: Groomers’ Influence Over Dental Care

Nina Anderson

Groomers can play a profound part in pet health by checking the mouth in their regular grooming sessions. In this seminar, Nina Anderson, author of “Natural Doggie Dental Hygiene and More!” describes how in-home oral treatment for pets can support the animal’s general health. The seminar will inform groomers when to advise pet owners to seek veterinary care, or whether the dental condition is just developing and how it can be easily mitigated through in-home care. The seminar will also discuss some not-so-healthy dental spray and gel ingredients, and describe some new effective ingredients that also support the immune system t

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