Doggie Clean Teeth Smile Challenge

Email to Your name, email, phone number, and the state you live in PLUS the doggie name and breed PLUS a current photo of the doggie’s upper teeth. In return we’ll send you an ecopy of our book “Natural Doggie Dental Hygiene…and More!!”

Deadline July 1, 2022.

Put in the email subject line: I want to enter the Doggie Clean Teeth Smile Challenge

5 entrants will be chosen to receive a free bottle of the Luv My Dog In-home Dental Spray as long as they agree to take the same photo at 30 and 60 days and email us a jpg.

The cleanest teeth at the end of the 60 days will receive another bottle of the dental spray along with a Free bottle of the Doggie Lyte electrolyte concentrate. And, we will post a photo of your smiling pup at our trade show booth.

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